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Founded in 1904, Sigma Pi Phi is the oldest Greek-letter organization comprised primarily of African American men.


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 Scholar Profile

Name: Alexandria Pinnix

Major: Chemistry

Pinnix, Alexandria

My name is Alexandria Pinnix (I often go by Alex), and I am an eighteen-year-old sophomore, majoring in Chemistry. I attended Paxon School for Advanced Studies in Jacksonville, Florida, which is my hometown. There, I was enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) and participated in the Advanced Placement (AP) program as well. I earned and received awards including AP Scholar with Distinction, Gamma Beta Boule Scholar, National Merit Semifinalist, National Achievement Finalist, and the Girl Scout Gold Award. As a result of the rigor of my program, I came into Winthrop with 47 credit hours. I entered the Chemistry program with graduate school hope and Ph.D. ambitions. I aspire to do research of some kind in the future and run my own laboratory someday. I’ve wanted to be in research since I was about six years old. I also (arguably) want to follow in my mother’s footsteps (she has a doctoral degree in Biochemistry).